Looking to buy your first property in Troy?

It's a great undertaking to buy your first house. Of course with all the euphoria is also some uneasiness - especially leading up to the closing table. You'll likely want some guidance along the way -- and you'll undoubtedly want a real estate agent looking out for your greatest interests. We are absolutely qualified and ready in Troy real estate, and would love to provide our services with purchasing your first house.Give us a call today at 802-744-6844.

Let Big Bear Real Estate help you with your first home purchase in Troy

Not everyone with a real estate license is equally qualified to help you find your first home. Our dedication to our clients is what makes the difference. Here are some things you can count on when you use Big Bear Real Estate for your first time home purchase.

  • We'll lead you through each turn while you're buying your home. From finding the ideal house among all the houses available in Troy, to advising you on closing costs.
  • Need assistance with characterizing a wish list of features that you want in your home, your community, and your school district? We are local experts, and would love to help.
  • The financial components of buying a house can be mind-boggling. We'll walk you through the diverse mortgages and home buying programs available.
  • We'll closely watch all the brand new listings, and make sure we inform you of all the properties that seem like a good fit.
  • Basically, we will do everything in our power to make sure your home buying process is stress-free.
  • We're ready to work for you. Finding the ideal house in the Troy area is our business!

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