Sharon Faust
"Dearest Sharon,
Thank you for all you did for us and for your very special treatment in the sale of our house.  You will never be forgotten.  Eugene and I appreciated your professional and personal manner in the real estate business.  You gave us so much time and we will never forget how sweet you are."
Ellie and Eugene Blood

Tina Leblond
"Hi Tina, I just want to thank you and Big Bear For all the *extra* work and time you spend in selling our house in Troy.  You made the whole process manageable for us and your commitment and experience in home sales helped tremendously.  Thanks for scheduling and coordinating all the work needed as a result of the home inspection.  The people/companies you recommend to do the repair work were professional, quick and fair.  Given that we live about 3 hours away, your help and dedication made the whole experience much easier and manageable for us.  You took care of everything and we appreciated that.  You and Big Bear Are the best! Thank you!
Mark and Cheryl Minervini

Joanne Guyette-Worth
"We were very pleased with Big Bear's approach to the sale of our property.  Our agent, Joanne, was friendly, informative and professional.  She kept us informed all the way through the process.  Big Bear's "Caravan" system, which brings all the agents in the office to your property for a walk-through, was like having several agents instead of just one.  We were extremely happy with the results and would use Big Bear again if the need arrises."
Pat Shover

Larry Faust
I would recommend Larry Faust to anybody that is looking for help with selling or buying property.  Larry is thoughtful, very bright and a real team player."
Beth Harding